Snuff Crew has got nothing to do with snuff movies. It has to do with smokeless tobacco. Snuff Crew consists of two German guys, whose real names remain unknown. They simply call themselves Eins and Zwei. If you would shout out their names interchangingly, you would probably sound like a German Drill Sergeant. Yes, we have seen Full Metal Jacket. This was a bit off. That guy is not even German. He is from the US. So are the people Snuff Crew lists as influences. We won’t list them. Snuff Crew thinks analogue machines are simply magic. When they talk about their music, they use words like ‘acid’ and ‘jack’. On their Facebook they post lots of music from early nineties. Not all of us understand why they are so enthusiastic about it. We don’t think they would ever post a song with only a heart symbol next to it. Our biology teacher from high school went to politics. We always hated that guy. One of us had sex with his daughter. She is now engaged to a famous basketball player. That was too much of a diversion. Snuff Crew is good friends with KiNK, a man-crush of our very own NubiS. This is not why we got them. Snuff Crew considers their music as unfinished and experimental. Not in a way John Cage would understand this. Or John Lennon. We are referring to the title of those noise albums he did with Yoko Ono. We never really got what they were all about. Is there something to get? Like a message or a point? We don’t think so. Why do we talk like this then? Out of habit, purely out of habit. Also because it’s nice to talk like everybody else, to say the sun rises, when everybody knows it’s only a manner of speaking. This was an uncredited quote. Appropriation is literary communism. Snuff Crew logo looks like it could be printed on a New Yorker jersey. That has got nothing to do with us liking or disliking it. Snuff Crew performs live and wears masks on stage. They believe it is about the music, not about them. We believe them. Do we believe Danza Macabra? Maybe. We have invited Lavka as well. We heard he knows lots of acid songs. Gregij, Fejzo, Žakpižon, Loutseau, and Moe Lester are playing on the smaller floor. They will beat the shit out of speakers with garage music. We don’t know any of the tracks they are playing. We mainly listen to pop songs. Koala™ will take over the visuals. We are curious, what he is up to. (Mina, we still like you, although you talk shit about us in glossy magazines.) INAK will do the decorations. They are the ones who make us look pretty. We like them a lot. Sometimes they are a bit slow with emails. We are probably too demanding, but we do it to ourselves too. Shout-outs to Jaka Neon, Mique M. Praktik and Don’t Call Me Urška! PUST, MOTHERLOVERS!

Facebook event.

Snuff Crew – Clarity

Snuff Crew – Control

Franz & Shape – Acid One (Snuff Crew Vocal remix)

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